Information about DressedGPS


What is DressedGPS?

Does this sound familiar? It's days, sometimes hours, leading up to an event and you are struggling to find that perfect dress. It's too late to order one online and you've already worn the dresses in your closet multiple times. You search everywhere but still, no luck! Here's where we come in and solve all of your life's problems (well, not really). DressedGPS is a student-to-student  dress rental service on college campuses that allow girls to rent out dresses from other students and put their dresses up for rent to make some extra money!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How do I know what price to rent out my dresses for?

A: We recommend listing the dress at 20% of the retail value. If you want the renter to dry-clean your dress  before return, you may want to make it cheaper because they would be paying for dry-cleaning.

Q: How does cleaning work? What happens if my dress comes back dirty or stained?

A: When you list a dress you can choose the ‘cleaning preferences’ as to how you want it to be returned to you. It is the job of the renter to return to you a clean dress. 

 Q: What happens if the dress is damaged or ruined?

A: When you meet up with the renter, you MUST take a picture of the condition of the dress. If the dress is ruined when returned, you must work it out with the renter as to how you want it to be fixed. If this cannot be solved, click  Make a Claim and we will get it figured out! We cannot accept a claim that does not have before and after pictures.  

 Q: What if I don't get my dress back on time?

A: We charge the renter $5 per day past the ending rental date. If they are late, click Make a Late Fee Claim

 and we will help you get your dress back!

 Q: Can I reserve a dress for an event in advance?

A: Possibly! Contact the dress owner to request that they put the dress on hold for the day that you want to rent it out for. 

 Q: Do I have to rent my dress to someone who requests it?

A: Nope! If you don't feel safe renting it out to someone, you don't have to.

 Q: How do I receive a payment? Why do I need a bank account number and routing number?

A: About 6 days after the rental is completed, about 80% of the  rental price will be deposited directly into your bank account. DressedGPS takes a roughly 20% cut to keep running and improving every day! 

The bank account and routing number can be found at the bottom of a check or within your online banking account. This information is required so that the money you earn can be directly deposited into your account. 


Giving back to the community has always been a core value of our founders. DressedGPS is fully committed to donating 15% of our revenue to charities and other great organizations. We partner with sororities, sports teams and other groups on campus to give back to the causes that matter most to them.        

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